Monday, May 25, 2009

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle performed in the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent on Sunday and this is what I think:

I still love Susan. I love her voice, I love her story, I love her awkward look, and I love her choices of songs. Les Miserables and Cats?? Love it. (Oh, and I also love this ridiculous painting of her...WHAT?!) Admittedly, her performance of "Memory" was not as great as "I Dreamed a Dream," and, in fact, there were some disastrous nerves peeking through early in the song, but it ended wonderfully and I love her no less.

You know what else I think? Britain's Got Talent is so much better than America's Got Talent. I fondly remember AGT's first season with the hot, all-male tap group, the supremely bendy archer, the creepy quick changers, and Philly's child wonder (and winner) Bianca Ryan, but I think the car that Brandy used to accidentally run someone over (allegedly causing her to be removed as a judge??) also ran over the show's talent and intrigue by season two. Is there a case to be made here about talent shows peaking in their first seasons (**cough cough** American Idol)?
I am not claiming that BGT has more talent, but I do think its production value is much greater with its helluva dramatic soundtrack and seriously sappy editing. Oh, and, need I remind you...they gave us Susan Boyle?

I think if I were any other contestant in this season of Britain's Got Talent, I would be seeking a lawsuit against Susan Boyle for stealing the show.

I think that if the British people do not vote Susan through to perform for Her Majesty, The Queen, Americans will start another revolution.

I think I cannot wait to see her performance in the finals!

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  1. Wow, did you draw that?

    Susan Boyle is overrated.