Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mirusia Louwerse

To escape all of the obsession over Michael Jackson's death, I went to youtube to listen to any rendition of my favoite creepy piece of beautiful music, Oh Fortuna, when I stumbled across Mirusia Louwerse, and this is what I think...

WHAT! Where did this incredible genius of voice come from???
The answer is Australia and, apparently, she is very famous down there...and no wonder! Thanks to Andre Rieu (pictured with the violin) she tours the world singing girls' and gays' favorite songs to the incredible backdrops of Andre Rieu's ridiculously theatric and exquisite orchestra and chorus.

On top of her fantastic voice, she has long curly golden hair, always wears a knockout dress and a huge, sparkling necklace that looks like it was robbed from the collection of Crown Jewels in England. Oh, and she is only a year older than I!
I admit, the picture I posted here is not exactly stunning, but there are, remarkably, no very good pictures of her on the internet...only yucky posed album-coverish pictures that I kind of hate. While searching for a better picture, I went to her website where I found a minimal amount of pictures, some media information, and a list of recent performances.
Guess where her most recent performance was....Philadelphia. What the hell. If I would have known about her two months ago I could have heard her in person. Stupid!

Since I do not trust you to go there yourself and look her up, I present to you a youtube clip of Mirusia Louwerse singing one of my favorite songs ever. Once at youtube, you can watch as many of the others as you want.
Enjoy! (Or else I hate you).


  1. I was just at a "Meet & Greet" with Mirusia. She is far more beautiful in person, than on film. Her talent is as big as her beauty, but best of all she is a Sweet, Kind, Real Person. I think you'd like her.
    A small group of friends and myself had Front Row Center seats and M&G tickets for Andre Rieu in Phoenix. I flew in from California for the event. I plan to return next Dec. 2010 when Andre Rieu & his JSO return. :)
    Kind Regards, Sally from

  2. I never hear before AVE MARIA like's...without words.... i wish to collect materials (videos, pictures...) from the net and put in the net for everyone........with 'amazing grace" MARUSIA....